Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shorouq - The Best Looking, Most Intelligent Sister

August 6, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation for Ms. Shorouq Fakhouri, and I am very pleased and honored to do so. I have known Shorouq for more than two years, in which time I have found her to be a consummate professional, able administrator, and passionate advocate for the teachers and children of Jordan. She is simply one of the finest human beings I know.
I first met Shorouq when I contacted UNRWA offering them educational resources for their schools. I met with the Director of Education who introduced me to Shorouq. She was immediately enthusiastic, had a great grasp on the potential benefits the resources would offer, and promptly volunteered to help me in any way possible. She followed through on that promise, as she always does. She has a very strong sense of integrity, and it serves her well.
On several occasions, I had the opportunity to see her working with teachers and students in the field. She is very kind, supportive, and understanding. They all reacted well to her authentic approach, and I saw many signs of the good work they had accomplished together. Shorouq motivates people with her enthusiasm and her intelligence, she leads them honestly, and she keeps them working together with her empathy and trust.
I have had the great pleasure of discussing theory and practice often with Shorouq. She is very bright and well informed in the literature of her field. She is passionate, and lives those theories for all to see. I couldn’t imagine a better resource for those teachers – she has the unique ability to blend theory and practice, and to motivate others to make the same connections. I saw evidence of this in each school that I visited.
Shorouq’s interests are not limited to her own job and its responsibilities. She helped me make many contacts in the region, allowing me to work with schools all over Jordan and in Palestine. She is a generous peer, and networks very efficiently. Shorouq brings people together naturally, and nurtures her relationships. She is a great associate, and a better mentor. I was constantly amazed as I recognized the breadth of her influence, the depth of her contributions to education.
I have no doubt that Shorouq will be a tremendous asset to any program or institution she chooses to work with. She has my highest recommendation! Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.


Michael Morsches


  1. I totally agree!!! She is such a great person that one feels comfortable to work with!!
    Thanks to her that she is the one who gave us the opportunity to get to know an other great person like you, Michael:)

  2. Thank you, but I think there are a lot of great people to go around these days, now we just have to get some quality work done :)